More than 1.2 million letters of the Bible scriptures (including Psalms) are minimized and inserted into a chip integrated in TANAOR™'s spiritual & meaningful jewelry.

Whether a gift for a close friend, relative or even yourself, TANAOR™ jewelry combines technology with spirituality while promising a fashion experience filled with meaning, protection and enlightenment

Our artists have successfully fused innovative science with timeless faith to create TANAOR™ jewelry - a selection of elegant pendants, bracelets, rings and accessories made from high-quality, genuine materials.

Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, the centerpiece of TANAOR™'s entire collection features the smallest ever version of the Old Testament into a jewel - providing a template for modern jewelry with spirit.

Wearing TANAOR™'s stunning designs is the perfect finishing touch for your personal styling, symbolically placing the ultimate expression of your faith and heritage close to your heart.

Bringing unparalleled sophistication and meaning to jewelry, TANAOR™ elegantly fuses the enduring wonder of ancient faith with the modern miracle of nanotechnology.

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