Sigal's Jerusalem Photos

In the collection, major sites in Jerusalem are presented, consisting of many pictures that are linked together in layers. This collage technique, (inspired by artist David Hockney), breaks through the frame of the lonely picture and gives the sense of Jerusalem space is both an ancient and modern city. It contains buildings from the past along with modern architecture. Tradition and innovation exist side by side. This photographic technique, made from a collage of pictures placed on top of each other, also expresses the idea of ​​the many layers of time being revealed in the old and new city side by side. In this series, Sigal also expressed creativity and imagination, designing some of the images. There is no attempt to accurately reconstruct the places, but in this work, there is an expression of the freedom of creation that connects to the building and renewal momentum in Jerusalem, along with maintaining the tradition and honoring Jerusalem's rich past.

About Sigal

Born in Israelת Sigal is an Israeli Photographer, an Author, and an Arts and Photo Therapist.

After graduating from Beit Berl Arts Academy in Ramat Hasharon in 1987, SIgal started teaching Photography in a wide range of institutions and seminars, including "WIZO Tsarfat," Ramat Aviv, and others, which she continued until 2004.

During that period, Sigal also became religiously observant and moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, published the novel "Sakit Baruch" ("A Bag in the Wind") and received her M.A. in Bible and Judaism from the Michlala College in Jerusalem

In 2007, Sigal graduate a Photo Therapy studies at the Musrara School in Jerusalem and embarked on an additional journey for being an artist and that is Art and Photo Therapy. Sigal continued to publish books with the 2010 "Sodot Utzlalim" ("Secrets and Shadows"), a meeting of photography and therapy, and the 2015 novel "Nayadim Bezman" ("Mobile in Time").

In 2015, Sigal graduated from the Academic College of Society and Arts in Netanya, specializing in Art Therapy, and she works as a therapist in art and phototherapy.

Sigal Lives in Jerusalem with her husband and four children.

Solo Photography Exhibitions

 Secrets and Shadows  - The Hall of Solomon Museum, Jerusalem

2010: Artists' House Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009: Nitzan Settlement (permanent exhibition)

2006: The Other Gallery, Tel Aviv

2005: Kumkum Library and Cafe, Jerusalem

2005: Matan Seminary, Jerusalem

2005: Ofra Gallery, Ofra

2004: Dada Photography School, Jerusalem

1988: Kfar Maccabiah, Ramat Gan.

Group Photography Exhibitions

2019 Museum "On the Seam" Jerusalem.

2019 ULM Museum Germany

2018 Franken Museum, Germany

2018: Prima Hotel Tel Aviv

2018: The Jerusalem Theatre

2017: Jewish Museum, Berlin

2017: HaGoshrim Hotel & Nature Resort - Permanent Exhibition 

2017:The Art Shelter, Jerusalem

2016: Amiad Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016: Talpiot College, Holon

2015: "Biennale" for Jewish Art, Jerusalem

2014: Jewish Education Institute, Jerusalem

2011: Art Gallery, Jerusalem

2009: Hillel Gallery, Jerusalem

2008: Oman Gallery, Jerusalem

2007: Artists' House Gallery, Tel Aviv

2006: Begin Center, Jerusalem

2004: Rabin House, Jerusalem

1988: The New Workshop, Rishon Letzion

1987: Rapp Gallery, Tel Aviv

1987: Tivon Gallery, Tivon