Our History

Chaya and Raphaels Galleries, located in Jerusalem's Cardo and Mamila Ave, and in Tel Aviv, are a 3rd generation Jerusalem family who has been supporting local artists for over 30 years, offering exquisite, original and handmade jewelry, Tallit, craft and Judaica.

The legacy of Chaya’s jewelry has been around for more than three decades and dates back to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Since then the "family secrets" have been passed down from generation to generation and its business, which is now managed by 3 sisters and a brother, Ronit, Yael, Chaya, and Rafael, has grown to 1000’s of loyal collectors and 3 major locations. 

We are proud to be a leading retailer in the jewelry, gift and Judaica scene in Jerusalem's Old City, Mamilla Avenue as well as Tel Aviv (Raphael's), showcasing a fantastic & unique collection that speak to everyone, such as handmade jewelry, crafts, Tallit and art. Every item we proudly offer is hand made in the studio of local and talented artists in Israel, with the utmost care for detail and a unique design.