Diamonds by Danielle

"When asked what I do, I tell that I'm fulfilling dreams. Mine and others."

The sources of inspiration that influence me in my work are the stories behind the jewelry, my love of materials, work techniques, and more. The truth is that I enjoy every second and moment in this work probably because each person and his story ignites my imagination with a different fire, making this process fascinating and unique. Turn the meaning into a solid and tangible item, one that you can hold in the palm of your hand, or give to those you love.


Every piece of jewelry is a story, it is a meaning, it is a memory, It crosses cultures, continents, and time, symbolizing power and continuity, and although each time the form is different the connection between spirit and matter as between body and mind is preserved in all. The thing that connects me to all the stories is the accuracy.

Careful design, use of the highest quality raw materials, attention to the smallest details, high level of finish, use of various techniques from 3D printing to traditional jewelry, and above all sewing the jewelry accurately to style, taste and budget. I create with gold, diamonds, and colored gems.

Gold, because it is a metal that is easily surrendered because it knows its value, accepts and enhances everything in its presence, dominates and maintains its uniqueness Diamonds and gems I love that color is the freedom to choose, every day anew. I invite you here to embark on a journey through the process of my creation that, like any journey, passes through stations.

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