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Rachel Tomb. So Tranquil

Rachel Tomb. So Tranquil

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A limited Edition Print. Hand Signed by Gitty.

A stunning piece for an Eishes Chayil. Modern painting for a timeless subject, Kever Rachel. Gold luxurious glamour with white & shades of black. An inspiration that adds to any color setting. Rachel Imeinu was the favorite among Yaakov's wives, Her special personality & a promise that her children will return to the land of Israel made her tomb a special place for prayers.

Wouldn't your heartbeat if you were really walking on this path, leading to Kever Rachel? Go back in history a thousand years and actually have a chance to connect? This painting I created a few days after visiting. We took the family at 04:00 am. It was full of people. I just decided to create this to remember that feeling. .hard to forget. Jewelry on the wall. Detail of Kever Rachel painting as the mother of our nation deserves. Stunning, elegant and subtle.

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