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As for the marriage ceremony, the Jewish people have special ceremonial rituals that begin long before the wedding itself and can be talked about for hours. If we speak of the wedding process, at first Ketubah shall be signed – the official marriage contract, which provides all the duties of the husband and the possibility of granting the permission to divorce with payment of the amount for the wife. The Ketuba is a very important and precious document for a new family. David Roytman Company, which has a distinctive style and impeccable taste, created exquisite cases KING DAVID for storing a marriage document. Special attention should be paid to the white case with an unsurpassed ornament, which emphasizes all the originality and luxury of the product. Another advantage of the case is the use of high-quality leather and other natural materials that will keep Ketubah safe.

Material - Italian leather, silver
Weight - 1200g
Height - 490mm
Box (Alder) Size - 515x155x245mm

We are delighted to offer the spectacular collection of David Roytman. Each piece is handmade in superior quality.

You can find David Roytman collections on display in cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, Toronto, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, and Kiev.