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The “JERUSALEM TEMPLE” cufflinks from the exclusive collection of men’s jewelry by the design house of David Roytman Luxury Judaica are firstly a symbol of the religious life of the Jewish people. Every pious Jew will be pleased to carry a piece of his native history. Eternal classics are used as the design of the cufflinks. The harmonious combination of precious metal and stone is ideal for a business meeting or a solemn event. The frame of the cufflinks is a silver rim, which is the base is encrusted with a large black onyx, known for its sacral properties. The elements of the temple, the central entrance, and the columns are cast from sterling silver by highly skilled masters completely by hand. Black onyx creates a contrast that makes the image deep.

The composition is complemented by an elegant swivel element, decorated with carvings and acting as a reliable and easy-to-use retainer

We are delighted to offer the spectacular collection of David Roytman. Each piece is handmade in superior quality and comfort.

You can find David Roytman collections on display in cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, Toronto, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, and Kiev.

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