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Asher, Sofer Stam

Kosher Tefillin

Kosher Tefillin

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We are proud to offer this very special hand made Kosher Tefillin. This Tefillin is hand made by Asher, an accredited "sofer Stam" and a graduate of The Chief Rabbinate of Israel ( Ha-Rabanut Ha-Rashit Li-Yisra'el)

Each Tefillin is made with attention to every detail and following the strictest rules and guidelines.

We offer both Tfillins;

* Classic (also known as "Peshutim") which are hand created using Leather made of or Goat or sheep ("Behema Daka").  Each Tefillin is hand made and will look slightly different than these photos. 

* Luxury (also known as "Mehudar") which are hand created using Leather made of Ox or Cow ("Behema Gasa"), ALSO, the leather straps (retsu'ot) are black on both sides.  Each Tefillin is hand made and will look slightly different than these photos

Included with the Tefillin is Tefillin bag, at no additional cost. Please CONTACT US NOW for any additional questions.  


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