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Seven Blessings Hamsa

Seven Blessings Hamsa

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  • Size - Large - 8.8" x 6.8" | 22x17 cm
  • Materials - Copper, Glass Beads, Swarovski Crystals, Acrylic Color

Seven elected copper symbols, interconnect together to bring love, protection, prosperity, abundance, happiness, and joy to your home. 

Heart - symbolizes love.

Hamsa - symbolizes luck and protection.

Tree - symbolizes life, prosperity, and success.

Pomegranate -  is one of the Seven Species of Israel and symbolizes abundance, fertility, and beauty.

Dove - symbolizes peace.

Grape Wine - one of the Seven Species of Israel and symbolizes joy.

Star of David - the symbol of Judaism.

 Copper Hamsa Wall Hanging

Hamsa is one of the most common symbols of luck and protection in the Middle East.
There is a belief that hanging Hamsa at home or on the body invites good fortune and helps keep away harmful factors.
My unique copper Hamsas are combined with motifs of the Seven Species and the symbols of love, peace, abundance, prosperity, and joy.
It can be a wonderful housewarming gift for any occasion & decorate any room or space.

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