Gitty's Fine Art

Gitty is an American artist living in Israel, specializing in oil, acrylic and bass relief works, using colors that bring strength, energy and joy to life by complementing each other into a perfect harmony. Gitty usually paint and sculpt Jerusalem enabling her collectors to touch the walls, the stones, the people and to walk these magnificent streets, allowing you to brings the Holy Land into your home and adding an atmosphere of fulfillment, calmness, pleasantness and spirituality, the same emotions that arises every time she paint. 

Gitty has five beautiful children and an incredible husband whom I love with everything I have. "My children are all creative in their own ways. My girls tend to have talent in creating wedding videos and one of my daughters works in Intel Corp, as a Computer engineer. My youngest son loves painting and won’t mind doing that all day (he is busy creating his first collection!)."

Gitty's work are sold and exhibited in galleries worldwide. 

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