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Gabrieli Tallit

Emanuel - Wool Tallit - 6 Wide Stripes

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Colors: base in natural wool color with Bordeaux, Flag Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue and gold design. 

Gabrieli tallits are hand woven in our studio in Israel by our experienced tapestry artisans. We use the finest materials to ensure a finished product of the highest standard. All Gabrieli tallits are sold as a set that includes a matching kippah and tallit bag along with the tallit itself.

While ordering, choose to further customize your tallit by adding an atara, collar, with a hand embroidered blessing for donning the tallit and/or tzizit that include Ptil Tekhelet, blue strands.

Since most of our work is custom made, please allow up to 8 weeks from order placement to shipping.

Please keep in mind that our hand weaving capacity is limited and orders are fulfilled in the sequence in which they are received.