Home Blessing Copper Judaica Design by Ahuva 

Our home is our special place. A place where the past, the presence, and the future all come together. A place where we feel most safe, comfortable, and connected. A place that is our sanctuary, in tough and good times. “Bless Thy Home”...

Ahuva is an Israeli Copper Judaica Artist who discovered the wonders of copper during her jewelry study at “Bezalel- Art Academy” in Jerusalem.

This malleable, warm ancient metal has a variety of colors of deep red, orange, and green, which makes it hard to resist such beauty

All of the pieces presented are handmade using this process;

  • Choosing thick sheets of copper that are cut by means of a specialized thin saw and Photochemical burning technique.
  • Then the copper is heated by fire using special Heating-and-Cooling techniques, which makes the metal malleable and gives it a special variety of colors.
  • The copper goes through a hammering and embossing process where it gets its shiny texture. Slowly, the symbols become three-dimensional and look almost alive.
  • The next step requires 2 layers of lacquer covering to prevent oxidation.
  • When the copper is dry, holes are drilled and beads are added.

Ahuva's works are the result of love, joy, and countless hours of thought, time, and effort. "I am grateful for the ability to create, express, and share with others."

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