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Torah Pointer (Torah Yad)

Torah Pointer (Torah Yad)

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Torah Pointer - Torah Yad

The Tree of Life. A man, a tree, a life.

A hand for reading the Torah is made of 925 silver.

"And he was like a tree planted by streams of water, the fruit of which he gives in due season, and his leaf does not yield, and whatever he does he will succeed" (Psalms 1: 3).

The Torah is likened to water, it is the source of life. Man is like a tree sitting on streams of water. When the constant growth and fruitfulness of them as a sign of life.
The hand draws at its roots the wisdom from Scripture, nourishes man through the stem to create the fruits and leaves and they in turn (in miraculous cycles) fertilize and nourish the soil with their deeds and commandments.

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