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Gabrieli Tallit

Independence Tallit/72 - Limited Edition - Cotton Tallit

Independence Tallit/72 - Limited Edition - Cotton Tallit

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Introducing a new tallit, made especially in honor of Israel's 72nd Independence Day.

  • Intricate design
  • Limited edition - Only 72 tallits will be made and each will be individually numbered.
  • Double sided corners
  • Hand woven Atara (collar) with the embroidery - "ואהבת לרעך כמוך" ("Love thy neighbor as thyself.")
  • Thick tzizit
  • Matching tefillin bag

Like all of our tallit sets, includes a matching kippah and tallit bag.

Please allow 8 weeks from order placement to shipping. Because each tallit is handmade and custom, slight variances are always possible.

Please keep in mind that our hand weaving capacity is limited and orders are fulfilled in the sequence in which they are received.

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