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In order to combine the traditions, religious rites, and fashion, designers of David Roytman Luxury Judaica have developed the unique “SUKKOT” cufflinks, which symbolize one of the most important holidays of the Jewish people. A pair of elegant cufflinks made of sterling silver, which served as the perfect setting for black onyx. There are lulav and etrog, – the main attributes of the holiday, in the center of each decoration. Masters managed to show the smallest details of the figures, which will definitely impress the fans of hand-made jewelry. A fixation option was made by a swivel pin decorated with a unique laser engraving technique. It is especially pleasant to get the jewelry in the brand alder box with the company logo.

We are delighted to offer the spectacular collection of David Roytman. Each piece is handmade in superior quality and comfort.

You can find David Roytman collections on display in cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, Toronto, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, and Kiev.

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